Md Nazmus Saadat Nuhin

Phone: +8801712924002

I'm an experienced Senior Software Engineer and Mobile Apps Developer who always focuses on a high-quality user experience. Fluent in Kotlin, Java, Dart & React Js programming languages used to develop software within Mobile Application Development. Great team player & focused on achieving project objectives with speed and accuracy. Successfully Passed 7 years of experience in producing cutting-edge systems for Mobile Apps. Well-organized and customer-focused with proven skills in project management, team leadership & shipped apps for tens of millions of users. Most Important part that I know how to deal with large systems quickly and effectively set up and launch greenfield apps.

Highlighted Projects

sManager: ব্যবসার সুপার অ্যাপ

Hybrid App (Native Android + Flutter Feature Module)

The Supper App to run any kind of Business It has everything you need to manage your business including daily sales, balance calculation, digital payment collection, installment sales, stock management, business income growth reports and many more feature.

This is one of the challenging app in my career. It has Both Native & Flutter code base. I was started the project & implement many features, tests, bug fixes, product management, UAT & many more.

Daily User: More than 2 Millions download from play-store. Active daily user more than 20k.

Management Skill: Manged 5 resources, Lead the mobile wing. I've been with it since the beginning 2018. Perform Project Management tasks (PRD, BRD), Follow Agile Methodology

Technologies: Kotlin, Java, Flutter (Module), Push Notification(Firebase, one signal), Modularize Architecture, Coroutine, RxJava, Microservice, Background Service, Crash Monitoring(Firebase Crashlytics, Sentry), Remote Config, Room Database, Hive(Flutter module), Native to Flutter communication, Performance Monitoring(Firebase Analytics) and more

Native Android App, Then Flutter App

Your Personal Assistant, One-stop solution for your services. Order any service, anytime. Order any kinds of service & service will be your home. It has many feature like Service selection & order, Saved Location, Many Custom view.

I implement many features, tests, and bug fixes.

Daily User: Dhaka Basis Service, Daily active user more than 1000.

Management Skill: Manged 3 resources & monitoring their performance while developing the app.

Technologies: Flutter (Previously on Kotlin), Push Notification(Firebase, one signal), Animation, Performance Monitoring(Firebase Analytics) and more


Flutter App

Its a Resource app where the resource from serve their jobs & monitoring their tasks.

Technologies: Flutter, Dart, MVP, Push-Notifications, Background service etc.

Bondhu - আপনার ডিজিটাল দোকান

Flutter App

Bandhu App is a reselling and referral app of Sheba Platform Limited. It is made for all the small and medium businessmen of Bangladesh. This app helps users to expand their business by easily sourcing any products and other required services from manufacturers. It has Top-up, OTF, Reseller Shop, Bus Ticket booking feature.

Technologies: Now in Flutter (Previously in Kotlin), Firebase, Custom input view, Performance monitoring and more

digiGO - HR Management App

Flutter App

Its a HR Management Tools. It has Attendance, Leave Management, Employee Profile, Expense, Payslip & many more feature related to HR. Developed some features on this app like calendar, phonebook, hyper local attendance etc.

Daily User: More than 150 company use this app for their employee. At least 5000 people use this app daily basis.

Management Skill: Manged 2 resources & monitoring their performance while developing the app.

Technologies: Flutter, Dart, Custom Calendar, Animation, Follow MVC Architecture, Monitoring Performance and more

sDelivery - Delivery System App (Currently Unpublished)

Native Android App

Its a Delivery system app. Always get GPS location from device & ping via Socket Connection. Map related info, show best route to for pickup & destination location.

Technologies: Kotlin,, Push Notification Service, Job Receiving Service, Google Map, Route Design, Animation etc.

The Beats

Native Android App

Add some new feature & some bug fixing. It's basically a Music Sharing Social Media. Use Media3 ExoPlayer for music play

Technologies: Kotlin, Firebase, Google Play Instant, and more

Dizi Cashier


Performance monitoring & consultancy. Introduce Coroutine Support for I/O operation whether they call individual thread for I/O operation previously.

Technologies: Kotlin, Android Architecture Components, Hilt, Retrofit 2, sqLite, Gson, Coroutines, and more

Priyojon - Chartered Life

Native Android App (Freelancing)

The project follows MVVM app architecture guidelines. Uses Some background data fetching task, handle dynamic view more than 50 input fields in a view on a single component. Handled payment gateway

Technologies: Kotlin, MVVM, Navigation Component etc


React Native App

This is an E-learning app for children in japan. Used axios for Api calling. Handle pagination on large data source. Used picture in picture mode on video player. Worked into the core expo framework for support this.

The app is written in React js. This app only available in Apple Store

Technologies: React Js, Redux, Expo, Expo-video, Pagination etc


React Native Web

This is a Japanese Start-up project providing NFT to the user by giving their daily medication data. Worked on some UI design & Project management. Handle three different country's developer for developing this project.

Technologies: The app is written with React Native but only work on Web.

Knower (In progress)

Flutter Mobile App + Java Spring Boot

This project is for another Japaneses startup. Concept to Attract the Influence to visit their shop or restaurant to rate their shop/restaurant with a campaign offer. It has 1 Influencer App + 1 Admin + 1 Web for Enterprise. Work in Influencer app(Flutter) & their Backend system(Spring Boot). Map data manipulation with many custom feature.

Technologies: Flutter, Clean Architecture, Bloc Pattern, Micro-service, Customize Google Map, Offline Caching etc.

Many more freelancing App

Native Android + Flutter App

Work History

Senior Software Engineer

  • Working as a Mobile Team Lead for their products.
  • Worked on Backend Technology like Spring boot & Node js
  • Follow Agile process, Sprinted tasks, and controlled Clickup workflows.
  • System Design & Project Management of assigned projects
  • Worked on some Japanese project (React Native + Flutter)
Aug 2022 - Currently Working

Software Engineer

  • Lead the sManager product's Mobile team & the Mobile team.
  • Managed tasks in Agile framework, cleared Sprinted tasks, and controlled JIRA workflows.
  • We have maintained long and short-range deliverables with the product management team according to product roadmaps.
  • Worked closely with clients to establish specifications and system designs.
  • Partnered with QA, UI/UX, and internal developers to maintain best practices.
  • Mentored junior software engineers, providing careful guidance on development strategies and education on innovative development techniques.
  • Write unit tests for Core features. Debugged critical application issues such as crashes, memory leaks, and concurrency problems and maintained application quality & performance.
May 2017 - July 2022

Senior Android Developer (Remote - Part-time)

  • Developing some feature of their BEATS app
  • Worked on Custom Music View + Music playback related work.
  • Worked on open source Emoji project
Mar 2023 - Currently Working

Android Development Consult (Remote - Consultancy)

  • Helped to develop their Dizi-Cashier App more efficiently & productively, Similar Product like sManager.
  • Some performance improvement-related guidelines & task monitoring for the in-house developers
Mar 2022 - Jun 2022

Android Developer (Freelancer)

  • Develop their Insurance App
Jan 2021 - Mov 2022

Android Developer (Project Basis)

Droid Builder (Unregistered), Khulna
  • Designed and developed Android applications for publishing into the Google Play Store and for clients.
Jan 2016 - Jan 2017


Khulna University

Computer Science & Engineer (B.Sc.)
2012 - 2016


DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Specialization, Coursera

Sep 2020

Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, Coursera

Sep 2020

National Mobile Application Trainer & Innovative Application Development Program

June 2016


Mobile Apps Development Technology 7 years
Native Android Development 5.5 years
Flutter 3.5 years
React Native 7 Months
Java 4.5 years
Kotlin 4 years
Modern Android App Architecture 1.2 year
Clean Architecture, Android Jetpack & MVVM 3 years
Modular Architecture 2 years
Kotlin Coroutines 2 years
Jetpack Compose 6 months
Bloc 1 years
Backend Technology 7 Months
Java Spring Boot 3 Months
Node js 4 Months
Web Technology 4 Months
React js 4 Months
Database 3 years
SQlite 10 Months
Room DB 1.5 years
Hive DB (Flutter) 1 years
Mongo Db 3 Months
Firebase 4 years
Git 6 years
Docker 1 year
Team Leadership 3 years
Agile Methodology 3 years